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Geniecast's packaged products, LiveLabs and LearningSeries, provide organizations with the top-down transformation needed to build innovative companies.

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From providing valuable B2C engagement for companies to transforming companies from the inside-out, Geniecast has the packaged programs needed to solve organizational woes. Browse our packaged products below and see how Geniecast can be your solution.

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Geniecast LearningSeries

Designed for companies wanting to provide value to their customers, the LearningSeries makes B2C connections through Casts with celebrities, thought leaders, and experts. 

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Salina Estates

Easily deliver simple yet innovative education to your team, department, or company and provide value, engagement, and actionable learnings with Geniecast. 

Geniecast LiveLabs

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Geniecast LiveLabs provide education-based solutions delivered by top experts and are designed to strengthen your organization from the C-Suite on down.